How to be a creative

A photo essay inspired by Mad Men’s Donald Draper.

John Moore Williams
July 24, 2018


Don Draper in a thinking pose at his office desk.

Or at least look like you are.


A close up of Don Draper crying.

Have a coffee.

Don draper on an elevator with a colleague. Both in suits holding coffee and smiling.

Scratch that, have a whiskey.

Don Draper drinking alcohol from a glass with a frown on his face.


Don Draper looking a bit surprised.

Definitely don’t take a nap.

An aerial view of Don Draper laying on a couch in a suit. His hand is pressed to his forehead and he looks tired and stressed.

Ok, take a nap.

Have stress dream while napping.

Don Draper in a flannel plaid shirt looking panicked.

Wake up half-enlightened, half-terrified, realizing your stress dream contained what was either a genius solution — or utter madness.




Slowly convince yourself your idea was just the right mix of mad and brilliant as you gear up for the big pitch.

Don Draper in front of an easel with mockups.

Present “solution” with possibly glib, mostly false confidence.

Wonder if it’s all falling apart.

Don Draper meditating on a grassy lawn with the ocean in the background.

Discover meditation.

Deleted scenes.

A close up of a woman in a crowd looking happy and holding a bottle of Coca Cola. Circa 1970s.

Realize you used the idea of world peace as a way to shill soda.

A screenshot of Mad Men's opening sequence. A suited man falls head-first from a skyscraper.

Consider that it probably has all fallen apart.

John Moore Williams

Head of Content Strategy at Webflow. Nice to meet ya. Follow me @JohnAMWill.

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