New feature: multiple collaborators in the Editor

Build up your editorial team, and always know what people are working on.

John Moore Williams
March 24, 2016

Now you can add all the Collaborators you want to the Webflow Editor—and see who else is in the Editor and/or Designer with you.

When we launched Webflow CMS, we limited the number of Collaborators to one. But today, we’re happy to remove that limitation.

Now, whether you’re a freelancer who needs to give multiple clients access to a site, or a member of an in-house design team with its own content specialists, you can add up to 20 Collaborators for just $6 a month per person. And every change they make to Collections and Collection Items will automatically sync, so your whole team always sees the latest and greatest.

Note that it's $6 a month per person only for additional Collaborators. You and one other person still get free Editor access when you set up CMS Hosting.

Plus, every member of a Team plan automatically has access to the Editor—at no additional cost. Teams only pay the additional $6 when they add a Collaborator who isn’t part of the Team.

See who’s doing what, when

But we didn’t stop there. Because communication is key when you’re collaborating—and automated communication is even better—we’ve also created a way for you to see who’s working in the Designer and the Editor when you are.

Here’s what that looks like in the Editor:

There's Waldo.

And in the Designer, while you’re working in the canvas:

Oh noes! There's an engineer in the Editor!

And here it is in the Designer’s Collection Manager (where you create new Collections, and Collection Items, within the Designer):

Best of all, though, is that now you’ll see when someone else is working in the same item you are, both within the item itself:

And in the Editor Panel:

Happy designing—and editing!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

John Moore Williams

Head of Content Strategy at Webflow. Nice to meet ya. Follow me @JohnAMWill.

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