Teaching the next generation of web designers through Webflow

How — and why — we’re reshaping (and renaming) Webflow’s education center for the next generation of web designers.

We’re driven by a mission to make building for the web more accessible to everyone, whether or not they know code. That’s why we’re releasing eight new video courses on web design (120 videos total!) for free, and rebranding our help center to Webflow University.

From graphic designers turned web designers to students in university classrooms, thousands of people have learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more generally, the basic principles of web design using Webflow. To build on that potential, we’re releasing eight new courses about web design and Webflow:

  1. Intro to Web Design: Learn the basics of the box model, positioning, color theory, typography and more. A great place to start if you’re new to the world of web design.
  2. CSS Styling: Take a closer look at all the styling possibilities that CSS offers, and see how to Webflow gives you the tools to style elements visually.
  3. CSS Layout and Positioning: Dig into the (at times challenging) world of HTML and CSS layouts, and go over everything from block and inline block to flexbox.
  4. Ultimate Web Design: All our videos (almost five hours) in one big sequence, covering the broadest, most introductory material, down to the most Webflow-specific tutorials in our library.
  5. CMS and Dynamic Content: Learn the principles and advantages of building and maintaining a database-driven content website.
  6. SEO Fundamentals: A quick introduction to the world of search engine optimization, covering the way Google indexes and ranks your site, along with best practices.
  7. Webflow 101 Crash Course: A revamped getting started with Webflow course to give you a broad exposure to the many possibilities that Webflow opens up.
  8. Web Elements: A comprehensive look at all the different building blocks and elements at your disposal in Webflow.
  9. (Coming soon) Interactions and Animations: To be released alongside our launch of Interactions 2.0...

All of these courses are free and open to everyone, regardless of skill level or level of familiarity with Webflow.

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Why create all these courses?

The last time we made a comprehensive overhaul of our educational content was nearly two years ago, and with the many updates and improvements that have come to Webflow since then, our old video courses were out of date. The video content we had was also incomplete, and only addressed some of the more common questions people might have when getting started. What we wanted to do this time around was round out our education material to speak to every aspect of Webflow’s product, from the minor to the major.

More importantly, we’ve also seen the power of Webflow in helping people learn the basics of web design and getting their web design careers started. So while we refreshed our old content, we also invested in creating new content that covers the basics and best practices of web design. For example:

The new videos are the product of extensive research and surveying about what kinds of content the Webflow community wanted to see, along with our own thinking about where we wanted to take our educational resources. We’re hoping these videos are actually fun to watch, and we tried to give them a tone and feel similar to if you had a (somewhat humorous) friend at your side helping you level up your web design skills.

Renaming the Help Center

Along with the release of these new courses and videos, we’re also renaming the Help Center to Webflow University, which reflects the breadth of the new content we’re adding, as well as our aspiration to help teach the next generation of web designers. “Webflow University” is also more accurate: most people starting out with Webflow go to our Help Center to learn, not simply get help on small things.

This new name will also help us grow into the next phase of our educational initiatives, which include more objective-based tutorials (i.e., “Building your first website” or “Building your portfolio site”) and a continued focus on extensive video material to support our new and upcoming features.

Did you find the new videos useful? Help us get the word out by sharing Webflow University with your friends and colleagues.

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