What we’ve been shipping: Jan–March 2018

Because “Q1 product updates” sounded too corporate.

April already? Yes. I know. Time flies, etc., etc. A lot has happened — and there’s a lot more to come. So here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to and what we’ll be working on next.

New features

Site search

Released January 9th

To kick off 2018, we released site search, which lets you build completely custom search experiences on your sites. So, naturally, to celebrate, we made a search engine for doggos. Because it should be easy to find out what the man with the mail is up to.

‍Kibble: Fetch the Web. Brought to you by Webflow site search.

We also made a landing page and a video, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Publish individual CMS items

Released March 2nd

Long-time Webflow users will look back on the days before March 2nd, 2018 and say, “back in my day, you had to publish your entire Webflow site to publish just one CMS item.”

They’ll muse wistfully and say, “Sometimes, that meant we had to wait for in-progress design work to be done before publishing. You young folks will never understand …”

‍Publishing individual CMS items. Now a real thing.

Well, you’re right. Young folks don’t understand. And they won’t need to. Because you and your Collaborators can now publish and update CMS items one at a time.

Updates and improvements

Quick effects for interactions

Released January 2nd

Last fall’s release of Interactions 2.0 unlocked a lot of new creative power when it comes to building animations and interactions on the web.

But all that power can be overkill for simple stuff. So we built quick effects: a more lightweight, faster way of adding predefined interactions and animations to your site with just a few clicks.

‍Replete with fun names like “jello” and “rubber band.”
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Improved interaction reuse

Released March 8th

The latest updates to interactions rounded out the last of the improvements promised in our release notes for interactions 2.0. It brought with them a much easier set of workflows for reusing interactions across your sites.

Which makes creating headline entry animations like this a whole lot easier.

‍What did the Italian scuba diver say when he saw an eel tho?

Style the visited state for links

Released January 10th

Another long-awaited enhancement we released earlier this year is the option to style the visited state for links. So now you can tweak the font, background, and border color for links to let people know, “Hey, you’ve already clicked this.”

‍Style all of the states!

What’s next

Webflow Ecommerce beta

Last week we made the news official: Ecommerce is coming to Webflow, and building ecommerce sites will never be the same.

‍The future of ecommerce is (almost) here.

There’s still work to do before we can get Webflow Ecommerce in your hands, but in the meantime, sign up for the beta on the announcement page, and check out our blog post for more about what we’re building, and why.

Copy and paste between projects

We’re nearing final stages on an new feature that will let you copy and paste elements, interactions, and more between projects. Trust me, we want this one as badly as you do. So stay tuned for updates.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prep

Rest assured, we’re actively working with our lawyers to prepare for GDPR, and we’ll be sharing updates about our progress on this front soon.

What do you think of our latest updates? Let us know in the comments.


March 28, 2018

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