Workshop recap: Q&A with Webflow CEO Vlad Magdalin

Get a glimpse of Webflow's past — and a few teasers of its future — straight from Webflow CEO and cofounder, Vlad Magdalin.

In last Tuesday’s Workshop, cofounder and CEO Vlad Magdalin stepped up to the mic to field a few questions from Nelson Abalos Jr. and you, the members of the Webflow community.


Don't have time for the whole video? Here’s a few highlights from the chat.

Always know who you’re building for

Every startup needs to know one thing to win in their space: who they’re building for.

In this regard, Vlad got pretty lucky — after all, Webflow’s ideal user just happened to be his own brother: Sergie Magdalin, an incredibly talented designer without all the coding chops he needed to bring his visions to life.

With such a clear — and clearly understood — persona to build for, Webflow was off to a great start!

Sort of …

Everybody needs a little inspiration

Webflow’s first few year months didn’t go exactly according to plan. When Vlad and Sergie first started out, they figured they had about 3 months to build an MVP and see if the world was ready for a powerful, yet code-free, website design tool.

Four months later, the MVP wasn’t ready yet. And funds were running short. So short that Sergie had taken to living in the office, sleeping on an Ikea mattress on the floor.

Things weren’t looking so good.

Thankfully, Vlad had a powerful source of inspiration to keep going in Bret Victor’s talk “Inventing on Principle.” To this day, Vlad calls it life-changing.

So the brothers Magdalin kept hustling, and a short time later, they launched a little thing they called the CSS Playground on Hacker News.

They knew this was going to be the do-or-die moment. Either this would get traction, or they’d have to go back to their day jobs.

Thankfully, CSS Playground exploded, quickly becoming one of the most-upvoted show-and-tell posts on Hacker News.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Or maybe, the future…

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7 notes on what’s coming up at Webflow

Due to a flood of questions on what’s next for Webflow, Vlad shared a couple of thoughts on what we’re working on next:

  1. Our number-one priority for 2016: some form of plugin ecosystem!
  2. A large-screen breakpoint ranks very high on the list of priorities
  3. Custom breakpoint creation with a mobile-first workflow option
  4. Cross-site copy and paste: a way to easily replicate completed designs on new sites
  5. Webflow is now on Creative Market and Themeforest, to help you find a more diverse selection of Webflow templates in more places
  6. Interactions 2.0 is in progress
  7. A new, much simpler pricing is in progress

Because he’s a canny guy, Vlad didn’t share any specific timelines for these updates, but stay tuned!

A word on Webflow meetups

If you want to get your fellow Webflow-using designers together to talk shop and share insights, nothing’s stopping you! And if you need help getting the word out, let us know about your meetup on Twitter and we’ll help share the news.

How has the vision for Webflow evolved?

Vlad is way more excited about Webflow’s possibilities than he was just two or three years ago. The capabilities of the platform are looking practically limitless, and we can’t wait to see what all of you do with Webflow as its evolution continues!


June 13, 2016



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